Why are people soooo dumb?


Everyone I work with couldn’t give a fuck about the fact that they SUCK at doing their jobs. If they’re not gossiping 24/7 or sitting around idly doing nothing, they are complaining that other people are working. This is the height of your career. Be embarrassed about that.

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“Its for you!”


How can I put this without over abundance of swearing. I think I would say that working in a call centre is hard going. Military style clocking in, and out. You have to account for every second of your day. You take a break when they say you can, you eat when they say you can. You take calls, that is your role. You could be the most brilliant person in the world. But let me just say, call centers are, refuges of the brilliant, talented people who just couldn’t seem to get anything better due Read the rest of this entry »

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One good thing about working with you so long


I don’t have to be surprised anymore when you claim every single day around a holiday as a day off. Of COURSE you do. You’ve done it every year I’ve been here and you’re doing it again.

I used to feel that something really shitty was happening to me when you did that, because you’ve worked here since time began and you plan half a year in advance so you can maximize your time out of the office, but what I discovered as it happened over and over again, is that when you’re not here, th Read the rest of this entry »

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Please Retire


Look, I know you are 30 days away from being 71. I have spent the most part of the last 15 years enjoying working with you. But please get up off your ass and just retire….PLEASE. You don’t want to be here, your don’t give a shit attitude is wearing thin on me and your mistakes are growing by the hour. You refuse to learn anything new, you sit and surf the internet while I work myself into a tizzy because there is so much work and no one to do it….you mainly! I don’t want to come ov Read the rest of this entry »

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So tired of it


Why do I keep running into the same bullshit? You two need to go screw yourselves. Jealous, insecure bitches! You are NOT going to stop my progress.

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Today at work…


So far today someone’s been sacked cause the manager down stairs is in a bad mood… I’ve been asked it give someone a blow job because it’s their birthday. Apparently DPA rules don’t count if they’re only sort of broken and my team have had an in depth discussion about how all women are actually prostitutes and if someone buys a woman something then they are owed sex… it’s only 11…

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My job makes me hate human kind


I originally posted this a an employment review lol…
As a customer service Rep in the Export department of the Woodlands office, you will get little pay for the work you do without much room for raises or advancement.
The Woodlands TX, office is extremely clique-ish, gossipy, unethical, biased, racist, and the Management/ Supervisors are literally borderline mentally challenged.
A lot of gossiping behind the back goes on here, all of the old timers go out of their way to get the young em Read the rest of this entry »

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Why are people sooo dumb???


I am sooo tired of stupid people (the public) calling this doctor’s office to schedule an appointment (my job) and asking the most stupidest questions ever!!! If you ask me when the "NEXT AVAILABLE" is and I say 2 months from now, why the hell would you ask me if there is anything sooner than that??? If there was anything sooner I would have said the sooner date. And why would you ask me if I know of another office where you can be seen sooner? Why yes all computers in this world a Read the rest of this entry »

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Just Once


If just once before I retire (215 days to go) you would talk about something other than yourself I would be, if not grateful, at least surprised beyond all possible expression.

Try. Please try.

It’ll go so far toward returning you to the human race. If you were ever a member of it in the first place.

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Helpless and Educated


Don’t come running in here and demanding I call IT because your computer "has a blue screen". I told you to turn it off and back on, and you still insist I call IT. I call IT, and then you realize that yes, sometimes actually you can do some things yourself. Simply turning it off then on, imagine that! So now I have to call IT back and be like "NEVER MIND!"

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