To the 2 co-workers in their 50’s


Why do you 2 always do non work related matters at the office, and being loud about it? Yeah. You know, those 401k, hsa, stock purchase things, it is very annoying to have to listen to those conversations.
Also, if you trash talk your wife one more time, and this other person sides with you, i am going tell you two to stop.
If you feel like baby sitting this individual through every god damn email, be my guest.
I will not.
If you dont like him getting handsy but wont tell him or stop him, Read the rest of this entry »

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Il capo ha ricevuto l’azienda fondata dal padre. Due mondi opposti, lui (il fondatore) parla a voce bassa ma ha carisma, é serio, il figlio invece parla sempre ad alta voce per darsi un tono e convincere gli altri che é forte e l’azienda con lui a capo é forte, in realtà cerca di autoconvincersi di questa cosa. Ansia da prestazione + cocaina un mix eccellente…
La donna invece, una troia assatanata di soldi che li spende poco, la conservazione del danaro é il suo principale obbiettivo Read the rest of this entry »

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Old bitch smells like feet


This old lady I work with walks around smelling like jungle rot feet. I hate her!

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Pothead receptionist has fried her brain


So I have been in my position for almost 18 months. We are a sales team and we have a receptionist who is right outside my office. She thinks she is sexy…she is an overweight slutty pig….she thinks she is important…she has been a receptionist here for 11 years. She is very disrespectful and vulgar and LOUD. Yesterday she told me she smokes pot every morning while she gets ready for work. She sits at her desk and sings her sentences…makes noises like beep hoop or blahhhhhblooooblah…I c Read the rest of this entry »

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Psycho Shuttle Driver.


I started a new position at a job a few months ago. Management is extremely lenient because of union workers (I’m not in union just yet). The business always has super shady things happening and people still have their jobs. We have a weird alcoholic (possible druggie)shuttle driver. I was warned about him after a night out with other Co workers. But me being a odd ball myself. I like to make my own judgment on people. We’ve had a few beers and hung out. Everything seemed fine. Until, the oth Read the rest of this entry »

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You all hold advanced degrees?


I am an off-site worker for a university laboratory. I rarely see a lot of my co-workers, and we have a special network set up between the two sites so we can transfer files that can’t be hand-carried. I know that about 10 people up there have access to the network. I also know that every couple of months the passwords have to be changed, or they expire.
Today I received an email from one of them, asking me if it was possible for me to start using a different system entirely (which actually Read the rest of this entry »

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My job


Today my job was way better.the supervisor is just so fucken bias I don’t know how someone like that can manage a group of employees. But overall today was a good day I didn’t have any problems with anyone I was able to do what I want without anyone telling me going to be out Thursday and Friday anyways so I don’t have to see all those bitches for 4 days so fuck them anyways.sometimes I want to tell those bitches to fuck off and stop being fucken stupid fat bitches.but I don’t want Read the rest of this entry »

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How a bad mothers day began


I knew I had to work so I was already sour not being able to spend the day with my mom. I go into work early start a cup of coffee and mentally try and prep for the brutal day ahead . I work at a furniture department store we have guys to take the furniture out to the cars for our customers. One of these guys is a serious slacker have to page 3-5 times to just get him up front . On a normal day it’s not so aggravating but today we had a line going out and several pieces that need to be taken o Read the rest of this entry »

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The 2ft tall wannabe…



Is it because the top of your head barely comes up to my nipples? Or is it because I make more money than you? Your childish antics today were comical. The majority of you pieces of shit are fake and I know it. That’s why I enjoy being ALONE! I don’t want to take smoke breaks with you fuckers.

I don’t want to join your shitty clique for lunch and I do not want to share any aspects of my personal life. Why? Because we’re at a fucking JOB! Are you that fucking stupid? It doesn’ Read the rest of this entry »

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Passed up again


I’ve been with my company close to four years or so now as a technician . A position which is to put it bluntly, the bottom of the totem pole where I work. I make decent money I guess just from the hours I put in. I have a reputation which makes management turn to me when it comes to training new employees in everything from repair to company policy. Despite this, I have been passed up for promotion in my department twice. What makes this tough to accept is not only was I not offered an interv Read the rest of this entry »

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