Well dumbass if you had forwarded the email I would have known about the meeting and been there. Don’t cop an attitude with me because you didn’t do your job.

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I am Better Than This Place


Racing pulse , labored breathing, headache, bodyaches- I think this job and the knuckle heads who work here may be killing me. In fact I know they are killing me.

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Kiss my rear


I do believe I would rather be in ICU on a respirator than be at work this morning. Dear God vacation you can’t come soon enough.

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I swear to God I have been cursed with a boss who has a hero complex. I am not going to stay for an hour or two after quitting time to discuss the days events with you and your good buddy. I am going home to my family. I put my time in and do an excellent job. I do not want to hear the word passion come out of your mouth one more time. You hypocrite. You would be the first one out the door if your paycheck didn’t clear. Come back down to earth with the rest of us Passion Flower.

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For Why…. For What and Why !!!


So you hired me as a TEMP for this position while she goes on Maternity leave well I wasn’t properly trained and she went into labor early.. Who, why and what the hell am I suppose to do now. NOW I’m expected to work magic by working backwards so that I can fix her mistake and the things she covered up and didn’t do on top of work forward towards a dead line that I have no idea on how to get to. Who and why the Hell am I Here besides to be the escape goat to a person who makes almost 25k mo Read the rest of this entry »

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Working for My Friend


This post is a cross between a rant and an observation. There are a lot of good things about working for my friend. In addition to the obvious perks of having a boss who doesn’t just see me as an employee, I like the job itself. However, there are a lot of complications that come with the territory.

Before I took the job, my friend said he would be with me every step of the way, from training (which he paid for) to the sales floor. I knew I would still have to be committed to the job, and Read the rest of this entry »

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Hotel Hell. She Was Hired Here…Why?


The more I learn and witness, the further her employment here pisses me off. Let’s start off by pointing out the normal hiring procedure. Someone fills out an application, they get called in for an interview or two, go through a background check, and finally a drug screen. The manager had to work the desk one day, because our other clerk quit without warning and no one else could cover without having The Forbidden Overtime. Well, lucky her, she came in for an application the ONE DAY our manage Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s 2014 …


… and you are blithely unaware that you need to tell me the location of the file on the network.

How does it happen that you’ve been maintained in a state of unbelievable idiocy for the 28+ years you’ve worked here and gotten away with it all that time?

I believe I can answer that! You’re the supervisor of my "group" and nobody is EVER going to confront you about anything!

You’re a dolt, we all know it and we’re FAR more invested in serving our time and collecting o Read the rest of this entry »

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The whole office knows what a dirty fucking whore slut you are tramp, so if your getting it so much why do you have to be such a cunt?
Well anyway, I’m going to get the last laugh. Today I was promoted and I’m now your boss, so your mine bitch, all mine!!! You’d best hope that you get AIDS before Monday and die quick because I am going to make things very unpleasant for you.
The only way your going to get fucked from now on in is right up your scabby arse. Have a nice weekend with y Read the rest of this entry »

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Get stuffed


It wasn’t even me. Grow some balls and speak to the person who did it. Maybe if I stopped doing everything that I do you might take notice and treat me better. I’m not going to do any of the extra shit any more, solve your own problems, you’ll soon realise what this place is like without me. Thanks for making me feel shit on a Friday afternoon.

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