Wheat Grass


Let me start this story off by saying that my co-worker is the type of person who records her neighbors when their music is too loud. She literally pulls out a video recorder and films them the entire time they have music on. I know this because she has showed me. This may be one of my favorite stories about my co-worker but today I found out how she cured cancer on her own without any help from the doctors. I am not saying this is impossible or that I do not believe in miracles but some storie Read the rest of this entry »

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A letter to my idiot bosses


Dear idiot boss n.o. 1
Thank you for firing me today, so I no longer have to face your incompetent, moronic face. No longer will I have to see you sitting on your ass playing games on your mobile phone all day long, eating the very food we are supposed to sell. Heck, i was generous enough to contact a wholesaler and buy necessary foodstuffs with my own money since you were too lazy and retarded to do it yourself and what do you do? TAKE MOST OF IT HOME FOR YOURSELF. AND TRY TO LIE TO ME ABOUT Read the rest of this entry »

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Crazy-Depressed Opportunistic Whackjob Woman


Jesus Christ.

Like a f’ing hurricane at work every day. I find solace here just venting about it lol! She’s one of those women that finds pleasure in making others miserable.

Fortunately she can’t do that to me because I’m pretty happy-go-lucky in any circumstance. I know how to ADAPT… plus I’m a great actor, ha ha.

This crazy lunatic comes in every day with a new ‘problem’. She’s going through a divorce and even her divorce lawyer bailed on her! Problem after problem af Read the rest of this entry »

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She won’t shut up.


My co-worker is loud, nosy, judgmental, racist, and she never shuts up. If she is not blabbing some personal info about someone’s foreclosure, drunk driving arrest, money problems, medical condition, or cheating spouse, she is listening to her voicemail on speakerphone all the way up. She logs when people come in so she can bitch endlessly about how much harder she works. She is also paranoid. If I shut my door she will keep knocking and interrupting like a little kid. She is 69 years old. I h Read the rest of this entry »

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After lunch retreat


I have a coworker (female) that goes to the bathroom right after she eats lunch, almost everyday. She will be in there for a looooong time. In fact…sometimes its so long it makes me ponder what she actually does in there. When I go #2 it may take a little time…but it seems like she’s taking enough time to read a saga. I wonder…is she looking at herself in the mirror? Is she constipated often? Lord knows. Maybe she stays in a long time so the smell gets sucked up before she comes ou Read the rest of this entry »

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All I want is a sound proof room


My office has no door and I hear everything. There are three other females working on my floor and there are many days I would like to trade them out for guys. I am a female too, but I don’t feel the need to share every detail of my life with my coworkers. These chicks talk about what they did the night before, they talk about what they had for breakfast, what they are doing for lunch, supper, night time activities, weekend activities, family stuff, church stuff…I get to hear it all from m Read the rest of this entry »

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Under appreciated and semi bullied


I worked hard to find a career in HR and been here for 7 years. Learned a lot, met a lot of people but the time has come to find a better HR environment to work in. It all started 3 years ago when we got a new HR dir. She’s a piece of work and we knew she was placed to get most of the dept fired was the word on the street. Can we say dictator, bully, slave driver and this is HR where policies rules and being there for employees are the motto. Yup, nope, she was hired to clean ship and within t Read the rest of this entry »

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rat race


the rat race stinx. its total BS and everybody knows that if you have your own pile of big bux then you don’t have to be a rat slave. I hate the routine. going around & around each & every week for a f-ing measly paycheck. and then you have to come right back every week for a few more crumbs.
its indentured servitude.
this really f-ing stix.
just give me that g.d. money.
I don’t want to have to work for it.
this is total BULLSH**

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It’s a new world record….


My whackjob coworker outdid herself and has coughed, hacked, snorted and wheezed up phlegm 153 times today. I don’t know if that’s a world record but I’d say it’s close. This is also the person who picks her face until it’s sore, talks loud enough to be heard three blocks away, and checks out the tissue after she blows her nose, (those are boogers, you idiot. Diamonds didn’t fall out of your head). She sounds and smells like a dying mule.

I have come to the conclusion that 1. she Read the rest of this entry »

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Giggling Lunatic


I work with this guy that listens to talk shows all day long at work. He giggles loudly and continually all day long. He thinks he is friend with these people and talks about them like he just had lunch with them although he has never met them referring to their personal lives as you would a family member.

As soon as he takes off the headphones he starts bitching about whatever he is doing and how hard it is. His giggles go all over the spectrum from high to low from soft to loud. They a Read the rest of this entry »

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