Firing me over screensaver?


Today I was basically threatened with being fired for not having a screensaver running on my computer. I have tried numerous times to run a screensaver but for some reason they don’t stay running while I’m away. I had an app running that blacks out the screen, sort of, but when the room is dark the screen didn’t look 100% black, but dark with a bit of a glow still. But because it wasn’t a screen "saver" the boss thinks the screen will be damaged and it may get an image burned into it, even though there was no image displaying, just a gray glow. I argued that there would be even more light with a screen saver and anyway the fear of burn-in is from the old CRT screen days and doesn’t even apply to modern computers. It’s an iMac with an integrated display. The display and/or the computer can be put to sleep, but since running a screensaver wasn’t working, I’m not sure I can trust it staying asleep either so he never sees anything on my screen when I’m not there working. So I’ve decided the only way to shut him up about the stupid screen "saver" is to shut down the damn computer every time I leave it.

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