I Rule!


This past week I was “let go” by the engineering firm I’d been doing IT work with for 3 years. They had 2 “more experienced” IT people who were going to remain to manage things. These “more experienced” (read: older and with familes) two knew shit about computers…one spent all day playing Hearts online and the other worked a total of about 10 hours a week and “worked” from home the other 30.

So I developed an entire infrastructure based on Linux servers…fileservers, mail, antivirus/antispam, the entire backend of the company ran on Linux. Good thing neither one of those jokers knows the first damn thing about Linux. The first exposure they ever got to computers was at their “Technical College” where they got prestigious MSCE certs.

I’m guessing it will be about 2 weeks before I get a call asking for help fixing something they broke. But I’m changing my number…screw them.

Oh and the big boss who “let me go” has five “executive assistants” (read: secretaries), two of whom I have fucked…one of them on the expensive Persian rug on his office floor. I got fired, but I still win.

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