Queer Anglin


So i used to work at a video store in a grocery store. Well the main owner(big asshole) rents movie’s from there from time to time. Well one day, i was bored and searched for his name in the database. Needless to say , i found it. I decided to change his first name from Wayne to Queer. His membership read Mr. Queer Anglin. About a month passes and i havent thought much of it since it had been so long.
One day, i was late to work as usual and i walked in and they told me that my boss just left and that he was waiting for me but had to leave. He had rented a video and when the clerk scanned his card he was quite confused. My boss wondering what happened walked around the register and saw his name changed to queer, he fired that guy on the spot.
To save his job, the kid told on me. So i said my goodbyes to everyone, clocked out and never came back.

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“Queer Anglin”

  1. On June 26th, 2013 at 10:45 pm alaska Fisherman Says:

    Sorry you lost your job.


    That was REALLY FUNNY!!!