I have worked in restaurants for a very long time and it is always amusing to tease the new people. If you have ever worked in a restaurant, you know what I mean. I would train them and have them do the stupidest things like empty the hot water from the tap of the coffee and tea maker and watch them hopelessly hold down the tap and pour out pitcher after pitcher of hot water, or tell them to go outside and into the cellar to get more napkins and laugh hysterically while they wander around the building looking for the cellar door, or put a few quarters on the grill for 10 minutes then roll them onto the floor and wacth people pick them up and burn the shit out of themselves. But the best was this sweet girl named Jess whom I made rewind the fans at the end of her shift with a broom stick. Each fan had to be rewound 57 times before we closed so that they would work the next day.

Unfortunately I was fired for making her do this. I didn’t know she was the manager’s niece.

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