Vegetable Lasagna


I just lost my job. This only sucks because I now have to go through the cycle-call the Unemployment office and update my resume and start the dreaded jobsearch. This, however, does not suck because I had a particularly unsatisfying and unrewarding job. On my first day, I mentioned to another new employee that I was a vegetarian. I’m no dumbass-I didn’t hand out literature. We then moved the conversation on. Later, that same day, the incredibly PC, intimidating and stupid bitch HR director called me into her office and shut the door. I was NOT supposed to go around talking about being a vegetarian. She, herself was a ’semi-quasi-vegetarian’ (which means you eat meat, bitch)and she says ‘I do not always like the moral ramifications of it, but I do eat meat. And Don’t mention our conversation to ‘Bill’, because he won’t know what you are talking about.’ Right. He won’t know-but he did know. Because her dumbass went to HIM to find out what we were talking about at lunch and THEN called me into her office. It was always little shit like that, that was never documented-as far as I know-and now I’m the one without a paycheck. She and my boss knew ALL last week they were planning on letting me go, but since he had to be out of town, I guess even the shitty job I was supposedly doing while he was gone was at least SOMETHING. Fuckers.
Thank you for listening. This message has been brought to you by a company that sells software and websites to funeral homes, that got their NAME from a stupid friggin drink on a STAR TREK episode. Beam me up, dickheads, there’s no intelligent life down here.

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