Dead Entry


I work for a company that hosts and supports websites for funeral homes. Yes, this is the 2nd most depressing job on the planet, thanks for asking. This moron lady emails me that a guestbook entry that she made on 6/16 is missing, where is it? Well, our database shows the guestbook was created 6/17. I call her back. I ask her to go to her PC and take a look at the guestbook page with me. “Hang on, I’m shaving my legs, just a sec.” She says. (woo) I spend 2 days fooling around with the damned website. She’s not a family member of the deceased, or a funeral director. Oh yeah-its not even OUR website. I told her the only way the entry could have been removed, was that the deceased family removed it, on purpose. “I’ve been a friend of her family for over 30 f#cking years! That’s just not even f#cking possible!” She informs me. One can only imagine what exactly what this tribute said. I told her, “I’ve been sitting here, listening politely to your issue for 30 minutes now, and there is something that I’d like to say.” ‘What the hell is that?’ she asks me.
“Good-bye” I say and I hung up.

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