Event summary for Anonymous Company
Contact: *******
Servers: Nicholas and Brianna

A man by the name of Tyler arrived around 4:20. I went downstairs to meet him, he was already very upset. Insisted that the room was not suitable, everything was wrong about it- table set up, screen was too small, room was too bright, projector would not work from position on the table. Wanted us to re-set the room with four 5ft crescent rounds of five people each, wanted a 6 foot display table and a/v cart. I told him we were more than happy to arrange whatever he needed. He also said he was only expecting 12-13 people, but wanted it set for 20, as per the guarantee. He was extremely unpleasant, and made a phone call to William Wallace, who is the onsite contact listed on the event order. He listed to him all the things that were wrong with the room, although it was set exactly according to the signed event order.

I went upstairs to run everything by Jennifer (manager) before having anyone reset the room. She made a phone call to *******, who guaranteed the room, to let her know that there was a $500.00 re-arrangement fee, as stated in the contract. ******* told Jennifer to go ahead with whatever Tyler and Will decided to do. Jennifer and I went back downstairs, by which point Tyler had left and Will was there. Jennifer explained to Will the $500 fee, and after making several phone calls, and setting up the LCD projector on the table, Will told us to change the tables and bring in the A/V cart, which we did.

Will left and came back around 6:30. He told Nicholas that most of the guests were not expected until about 7:00. They continued to have cocktails, around 7:30 asked that we hold off on dinner service because there were only 10 people there and they wanted to wait for a few more. Finally around 8:15 they were seated, still with only 10 people.
Dinner service was very smooth, timing was great, Will commented to the servers that everything was excellent, and that he didn’t see why Tyler had insisted on changing the tables, a conference table would have been just fine, commented to Nicholas that Tyler was “a dick”. Everyone enjoyed the food, [employee] helped them choose wine.

I presented the check to ***** and her credit card was run. After the bill was returned to her, Brianna came and told me that they wanted to see me in the Koi room, and were refusing to sign the check. There were four people in the room- Tyler, Will, *****, and another gentleman. Tyler said that the reset fee was bull “crap”, and that they were not going to pay it. He was very agitated. I told him it was in the contract that they had signed. He demanded to see the contract, which I showed him. He said that we should take the fee off because that is not how they even wanted the tables, and the projector could not have been placed on the table (even though we had set it up before when Jennifer was there, and it appeared to be fine). He also said that the a/v cart that they ended up using was “barely acceptable”. I showed him the event order that they had signed which states “Conference table 4×8ft & 2 half moons”. He still insisted that we take the fee off; I told him that any off them was more than welcome to give Michael(manager) a call in the morning to see if she was willing to negotiate on it, since it was her contract, but for the time being, as discussed earlier with ***** and Will (the two people whose names appear on the contract) we were going to charge the fee according to the contract. He challenged me by asking if I did not have the authority to make the decision, I said that I had and that that was my decision. He said that I knew nothing about customer service, that the contract was ridiculous, that he would never come back or recommend the restaurant to anyone. I told him I was sorry he felt that way. The other gentleman in the room then started asking about [our business owner], saying he knew Michael and that unlike me he was a reasonable person. Finally ***** signed the check and they all left around 10:40. On the way out, Tyler mentioned very audibly that this must be my first job out of college. The other gentleman in the room stopped to talk to [manager] and me, who were by the host table, and apologized for Tyler’s “type-A” behavior, again inquired about [owner] and said he used to work with him. Also mentioned that he was sure Tyler would call Michael in the morning.

Personally, I felt that the group was trying to gang up on me, ambush and bully me into taking the charge off of their check, despite the fact that Jennifer had discussed it with them expressly just prior to their event. They were aggressive in trying to intimidate me, drop names, and insult me personally. In my opinion they should not be exempted from any fees.
(we charged them bitches.)

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