Fork You


I deliver pizza and I get really pissed off when I don’t get a tip, especially if the delivery is a long one. The other day I was taking a pizza to this guy’s house in one of the nicer neighborhoods in my city. This guy has a huge house and drives a nice BMW. So I give him his pizza and as a tip he just goes, ‘Keep the change.’ It was like 41 cents.

I got really pissed, because I know this guy can afford to give more than that and I drove such a long way. So later that night I stoke a whole bunch of plastics forks from the shop and drove back over to that guy’s house. I put like 1000 plastic forks all over that guys front lawn. It’s going to be hysterical when he wakes up in the morning to find that mess. I hope he blows out his back while he bends over to pick them all up.

posted under Angry Customers
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