Good Riddance


I work at Barnes & Noble, and today I was running the cash register. A woman came to my register with two books. I rang them up and gave her our membership pitch, which I’m required to do (I know it gets annoying, but we have store quotas. And, believe me, we’re more sick of the membership pitch than any customer). She got very angry and said, "Why do you people always ask about that? I never have, and I never will. So get that into your heads." So I smiled and said alright and asked her if she wanted a bag. When she pulled out her credit card, I could see that it was very bent. The strip was damaged. So, obviously, when she tried to swipe, the machine rejected it. So she shoved it in my face and ordered me to swipe it. I did, and when that didn’t work, I suggested that it might be the damage on the card. She snorted and threw two twenties at me. So I opened the till and told her the change amount (5.24). She said, "Well, I HOPE so." And when I counted out the change, she counted it again. Then she said, "Well, it looks like you didn’t try to rob me." Then she grabbed her books and receipt and said "I wouldn’t have had to use cash if you’d just do your job." And she left.

Today was my second day.

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