Lazy Sundae


Once when I worked in this ice cream shop a lady came in, got two sundaes to go. She did not inform me of the to go part until i made them, so I put lids on the containers and it smooshed the Whipped cream down, but the sundae was still fine. It all ends up in the same place, no?

She demanded I make new ones that were not “crushed and ruined”. I said, that’s how we make them here, nice and big, and you didn’t tell me about the lid till they were made.

She said it was the first time she had been there, and didn’t know that’s how we made them, but I had better make new ones.

I mockingly applauded, in her face, and said congratulations, now you know. I literally clapped in this woman’s face.
It didn’t really make any sense, but it did infuriate her, and she did not take the sundaes.

On her way out the door, screaming, she asked for my name, and I gave it to her with a big smile, but I never heard anything else about it from anyone.

That was also the last time she went there.

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