Pay out the nose if you want but jeez


I work in a cal center. A customer called in demanding I send someone to her house to pick up her equipment she was returning to us. We don’t send someone out for that. We send you boxes and a label, you ship it back to us with UPS and you’re billed from us for shipping, handling, and processing fees. I gave her the phone number for her to call UPS. She refused, complaining she called that and the UPS agent had an accent. I informed her of the UPS website. She didn’t have a computer. I told her to go to a UPS store. She doesn’t have a car. Now I understand if you’re disabled, don’t have a car, and no internet, I get how those other options won’t work. But if you are refusing to call UPS because an overseas agent answered, I have nothing I can do for you. I advised her that the equipment is owned by us and she would have to pay for it, she was also informed of this when she received it and again when she cancelled. She said "Charge away then, I don’t care". I informed her the fee ranges from $49 to$299 per receiver. She got pissed and just hung up. Fine, if you would rather pay hundreds of dollars instead of spending ten minutes talking to someone or finding a ride to UPS, that’s your business. But I’m not making an exception for you because you’re hateful.

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