Trouble Lingers


I am a salesman and yesterday I went to a client’s home to have him sign some papers. His wife let us in and said he would be with us in just a few minutes. We sat at the lunch bar and waited. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a man standing on the back deck looking away from the house. There was a nice breeze so the windows were open. All of a sudden I hear the most disgusting, bubbly, oozy fart. I started laughing as the man on the deck started to come inside. Knowing it was clearly the client, my partner tried to make me stop, which only made it worse.

Now for the kicker, the smell followed him inside. That’s it folks. I am done. I am laughing uncontrollably and have to excuse myself. I gain control and re-enter the house only to see the client and my partner laughing at me. I quickly realize my partner told the man and his wife that I was to blame for the terrible odor. I might as well have crapped on the floor in the wife’s eyes.

posted under Angry Customers
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