I work at a cellphone place in a mall. you know one of those little koisk things right in the middle. we take returns on our phones as long as everything comes back with the phone and its within the 14 day return period. one day our numbers weren’;t that high so some kid who got a phone comes up on the 14th day saying he wants to return it cuz he doesn’t like the service. if he doesn’t cancel his ervice and return the phone on the 14th day then he’s stuck in contract for 2 years. he had everything with him, except for the plastic container piece the phone sits in in the box. it was like 9:25 and we were 5 mins from closing. my manager who didn’t wanna bring our numbers down anymore told the kid without that little 5 cent plastic piece we can’t take it. the kid was pissed cuz we wouldn’t take the return and my manager comes up with this bullshit senario that he’s quite good at doing. he’s like you don’t go and buy a car then try to return it without the tires do you. anyway the kid is forced to keep the phone cuz we’re a bunch of straight commissioned assholes who only want more money.

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