Working in retail …hate people


Ever since I started working in a high end organic grocery store in customer service I realized how much I dislike people.

what i want to say to them:

Oh im sorry you want rubber bands over all your berries and eggs, how about you get some and help putting them on. But when i do my shopping at other grocery stores i dont get rubber bands and my eggs and berries are fine, why ? because they dont need them and im careful with my food.

or how about you help bag your cart full of groceries and not complain about how heavy im bagging it . im purposely making it heavy because its your groceries and i want you to have a hard time carrying the bags from your car to your house because you and your family of 4 just stood there and watch me bag YOUR overflowing cart full of groceries.

And i am sorry you cant read signs and brands about which products are on sale and assume that if any other product is near that sign assume that product is on sale too, when it clearly not. I hate that i have to give it at that price for your ignorance.

and youre angry about the transaction being done and the cheese being too expensive, well im sorry thats why that big computer screen with all the prices and name of the items i am scanning is right there… so you can pay attention to!!!! and then you have the nerve to complain to me that youre wasting time by having to go to customer service to return it.. take your fat self over there and do it and dont complain to me , a cashier, i cant do anything else about you not being able to read the price of the cheese, which is marked right on the cheese.

lets not forget those people that complain to me about us not having the product on the shelf for a long time, yes yes i really dont care about it, you know what i , a normal person, do if i cant find a product on the shelf i go to another grocery store or say oh well i dont need it; i dont ask them to check downstairs if we have it then complain that they are taking to long when they have to check through boxes of things to get to the one product you want.

i realized how much i hate people and how much self control you have to have when you work with customers, its hard to not lash out at them.

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