You Say You Want Every Topping?


one of the best things about working at a pizza restaurant is that u can put whatever u want on a pizza and cook it and it still tastes good. so one night these 2 drunk guys come in and they are like we need some food but we dont have much money. so im like awesome this is gonna be fun. i tell them i have the perfect pizza for them. so i run back to the kitchen and start putting all kinds of shit on it. i start with cheese that fell on the floor and every other toppings that were left over. next i put anchovies and every topping i can think of. then i top it off with some nice hot spices and such. so i cook it for like 10 mins then i show them my masterpiece of crap and they love it and eat every bit and i just smile. i gave it to them for free i figured they paid their price by eating that crap

posted under Angry Customers
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