Your due date is…


I work at a call center for a TV provider. A customer called in pissed off that he paid his bill on the 14th and he had another bill due on the 28th (today) and his services were being turned off in 2 days. He thought his service was like a prepaid phone card. You pay on the 14th and pay again on the 14th of next month. Well, if your due date was on the 14th, that’s true. But his due date was the 28th. Regardless of when he paid his last bill, his bill for this month is the 28th. His service is prepaid in that he pays for his service before he uses it. But it’s not a prepaid phone card, pay as you go type thing. There’s a due date, pay within two days after that day or you’ll get your TV turned off. That’s the rule.

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