Boom and Run


I was in my college dorm one late night doing my business on the throne when I hear the door open. Suddenly I smell a fuse, then I am deluged by a long string of black cat firecrackers. With pants around my ankles and torpedo tube letting one go, I could only close my eyes, hold my ears and feel the sting of every firecracker exploding on me, in my pants and in the stall.

As the smoke cleared and I put out the fire in my underwear, T shirt and sweatpants. I got in the shower and washed my burned hair while counting to ensure all appendages are still attached.

Payback time.

I overheard people laughing about the incident a week later. I tracked down and got the responsible party.

I using my stealth and surprise waited for the perfect time.

Using whistling Kitty Chasers (bottle Rockets) I caught my assailant in the same position as I was in.

I let go a screaming bottle rocket. It flew into the stall, bounced around but managed to pass between his butt and the toilet bowl. It shot down the toilet and exploded in the base of the toilet. The underwater explosion created enough pressure to blow a 4 inch diameter chunk out of the toilet. With a terrible sound, water was pouring everywhere and the toilet would not stop gushing water!

I did the right thing. Ran like hell and told no one of this until now.

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