Care to join me


So I’m in the shower at the gym this morning and when I’m finished I turn the water off reach outside the shower stall and grab my towel. At this point I’m still in the stall, but the shower curtain is shut so I have a little privacy.

My boss, who I guess was next in line for the shower, must have noticed that the shower water was no longer running and probably assumed no one was in the shower.

Much to my surprise my boss opens the shower sans towel only to find me riding my towel to in order to dry the places where the sun don’t shine.

In a horrible attempt to make the situation less awkward I say, “Care to join me?” while looking deep into my boss’s eyes. I don’t really think he found the humor in my suggestion. He immediately closed the curtain and coward away.

When I stepped out of the shower I noticed my boss back in the locker room putting his clothes on and getting ready for work. I guess I scared him out of taking a shower.

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