Flushed Away


My last day at work, one of the two toilets in the ladies’ room was not working for the latter half of the afternoon.
About 10 minutes before quitting time I decided I should head over to the ladies’ room before my long commute home. As I’m walking down the hallway, the company’s receptionist (whom I did not get along with) was practically racing me to the bathroom. She got to the door before me and made it into the working stall. The non-working stall had a big “DO NOT USE” sign on it so I was perfectly fine with waiting. However, she decided to speak up and tell me that the plumber must have forgotten to take down the sign because he’d left 5 minutes before and said that the toilet was all set. I take her word for it, since she’s the one who sees who comes and goes every day, and go into the “working” stall.
After I was finished, I flushed the toilet…. nothing happened. I tried it again….still nothing. Great.
So I yell at the receptionist and tell her that it’s not working. She told me to call the office manager. So I head to the nearest phone and call to ask what’s up. She said she’d put a “DO NOT USE” sign on the door, didn’t I see it? I explained that the receptionist said the plumber told her it was fine so I went in anyways.
Long story short, they had call one of the guys from the warehouse in to turn the water on long enough to flush the toilet so my pee doesn’t sit there all weekend. Oh, not to mention the fact that just about everyone knew what happened before I left that day.
I thought about going back to have lunch with some friends sometime, but after that embarassment I’m not sure I want to show my face there again… :(

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