Lights Out


I have potty stage fright. It takes an enormous act of willpower to make onesies with someone else in the bathroom. So there is no way in hell I’m comfortable dropping a deep sea double in the office bathroom. But the other night was the exception…this one was…urgent to say the least.

So I scoped the place out and made sure no one else was in there or making their way over towards it. Once the coast was clear, I headed in and proceeded to do my duty. I was just finishing up when all the lights went out. I figured it was some prankster, so i pulled my iPod out of my pocket and set it up on the handi-rail…(yes I used the handicapped stall, I wanted the room to do a victory dance once I was done) and turned it on so I’d have enough light to get out of there in one piece.

I got out of the bathroom and found the entire building was dark. Being a data center, we have generators that kick in automatically to keep all our servers up. Only problem is that the servers are in Building #1 and no one thought to route some power over to Building #2 where everyone actually works. This wouldn’t be a problem if anyone thought to charge up the batteries in the UPSes at each desk. Since no one thought to do this, we had a building full of screeching UPSes and dead computers.

So the bossman decided that it was no use keeping a building full of people doing nothing in the dark and chose to let all but 1 person from each team go home. My luck being what it is, I drew the short straw and had to stick around. That was cool with me cause I had 2 fully charged laptops on my desk, and a full season of 24 on my iPod.

So everybody leaves except for us 8 short straws and a manager. I sat down to watch Jack Bauer have the most rediculous day of his life and magically the power comes back on.

This wouldn’t have been all that bad until the phones started ringing off the hook cause the power outage managed to take out a couple hundred databases. So our little team of 8 short straws had to deal with hundreds of angry customers and rebuild databases for all of them for the next 5 hours.

That is the last time I ever make twosies at work.

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