Pillow Fort


When I was 15 my first job was a stock room boy at Linen’n'Things. One day I was really bored and we had gotten a shipment of pillows that I needed to stock into the storage room. So as am doing this I decided to have a little fun and build the ultimate fort out of pillows I spent 5 hours out of a 6 hour shift building this thing. I had gotten so excited about it I didn’t even take a lunch. To make it even cooler I went to the vending machine and bought $10.75 worth of twinkees and snacks to store in there. I hung out there everyday I worked it lasted about 3 months before my boss found it an wrote me up….It was worth it, Oh as a side note I took some of my fellow female co-workers up there me being 15 and them being 20 all of them laughed at it but that didn’t stop them from EATING MY FOOD THE FAT BASTARDS!!

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