I worked at this telemarketing job in college where you call alumni and ask for donations. Every college has them I’m sure.

Me and two friends worked there, and we would get so bored we would look for stuff to do. And the supervisor was such a pushover, we could do anything.

-My record was three straight days without making a single call, just lying and saying no one was home.

-My friend would call people’s houses, and when they weren’t home, just sit there and let it ring while he tallied the number of rings. He was up to 25 when the supervisor (who sometimes monitored calls) came over and said “I don’t think there’s anyone home.”

-We would go in the bathroom and steal stuff. I took the switchplate off the wall. We also took keyboards, mice, and even cheap paintings off the wall. I even wheeled this huge sandwich board sign home.

-We also got yelled at for writing “graffiti” all over our cubicles.

It was a horrible job.

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