Firing me over screensaver?


Today I was basically threatened with being fired for not having a screensaver running on my computer. I have tried numerous times to run a screensaver but for some reason they don’t stay running while I’m away. I had an app running that blacks out the screen, sort of, but when the room is dark the screen didn’t look 100% black, but dark with a bit of a glow still. But because it wasn’t a screen "saver" the boss thinks the screen will be damaged and it may get an image burned in Read the rest of this entry »

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American Idol


I quite my job to tryout for American Idol and I didn’t make it.

Queer Anglin


So i used to work at a video store in a grocery store. Well the main owner(big asshole) rents movie’s from there from time to time. Well one day, i was bored and searched for his name in the database. Needless to say , i found it. I decided to change his first name from Wayne to Queer. His membership read Mr. Queer Anglin. About a month passes and i havent thought much of it since it had been so long.
One day, i was late to work as usual and i walked in and they told me that my boss just Read the rest of this entry »

Stupid Fred


Ok, So I have a complete tool as an assitant. I just hired “Fred” a few weeks ago, and he is still within his 90 probationary period. Well I decided I am getting rid of him, and so I started to call in people for interviews.

So Fred looks at me all dumbfounded when he sees these people coming in, and is like “Hey whats going on here”…. and I make up some bullshit excuse about needing more help.

Even though Fred is a tool… I need him here until I hire someone… but I am Read the rest of this entry »

I Rule!


This past week I was “let go” by the engineering firm I’d been doing IT work with for 3 years. They had 2 “more experienced” IT people who were going to remain to manage things. These “more experienced” (read: older and with familes) two knew shit about computers…one spent all day playing Hearts online and the other worked a total of about 10 hours a week and “worked” from home the other 30.

So I developed an entire infrastructure based on Linux servers…fileservers, mail, antivi Read the rest of this entry »

Up in Flames


When I worked at restaurant, I always thought about the best way to quit. Then one day it came to me.

We weren’t allowed to take smoke breaks at this restaurant, so my plan was to first douse the loading dock in kerosene. Next, at about 8:30 on a busy Friday I would take out a cigarette and show it to my manager as I walked past the office on the way to the loading dock.

She would get pissed and follow me out. When she came out there, I would be standing there smoking an Read the rest of this entry »

Boxed Out


I was once fired from a job and at the end of the day they gave me a bunch of boxes to put my stuff in to carry out to my car.

Instead of using the boxes for their intended purpose however, I decided that it would be mor fun to create a box fort in my office.

I still can’t figure out why I was fired though.



I have worked in restaurants for a very long time and it is always amusing to tease the new people. If you have ever worked in a restaurant, you know what I mean. I would train them and have them do the stupidest things like empty the hot water from the tap of the coffee and tea maker and watch them hopelessly hold down the tap and pour out pitcher after pitcher of hot water, or tell them to go outside and into the cellar to get more napkins and laugh hysterically while they wander around the Read the rest of this entry »

Yesterday at Work


I got fired for getting caught reading these stories during work hours. sucks.

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