I just received the following emails from my best friend:
“I’m bbbbbbbboooooooooorrrrrrreeeeedddd. Working…during the summer sucks.”

An hour later:
“I just put a CD in the paper shredder. It was awesome. It makes glitter!”

Jello Pranks


Today I put a coworkers mouse into jello and he retaliated by shrinkwrapping my laptop to its mobile cart.

Bat Call


Our cubes are the half-walled type and the ceiling lights in the area are always dimmed. This causes everyone to keep a standard lamp at each desk to shed at least some light. This lamp is capable of flexing and bending to point in any direction with a bulb so bright it’s like looking at the sun.

It’s friday so instead of doing work, for about 30 minutes I searched the internet for just the right size batman logo. I found one and printed it off. I carefully cut the bat out and Read the rest of this entry »

Rubberband Shoot


For the last two hours my co-worker and I have played a game called “Rubberband Shoot” (I know elaborate name, right?). Basically, our company has these intense, huge rubberbands to bind large documents. We take a couple of them, stand behind our desk, aim the rubberband at the wall ahead of us, and try to ricochet the rubberband off the wall and land it on the desk. Two hours. My hand is all red from the backlash of the rubberband, and we never landed it on the desk.

Pillow Fort


When I was 15 my first job was a stock room boy at Linen’n'Things. One day I was really bored and we had gotten a shipment of pillows that I needed to stock into the storage room. So as am doing this I decided to have a little fun and build the ultimate fort out of pillows I spent 5 hours out of a 6 hour shift building this thing. I had gotten so excited about it I didn’t even take a lunch. To make it even cooler I went to the vending machine and bought $10.75 worth of twinkees and snacks to sto Read the rest of this entry »



I got free fruit tarts, cakes, and pies today for some deal they had in the building lobby. Whatever it was, I’m sure it wasn’t for me to help myself, but it made my day.

Going Up?


Today I seriously contemplated the repercussions of putting my desk,phone, and chair in the elevator and riding it up and down. Everytime the door opened i would ask the people if they have an appointment.

Label Happy


Everyonce in awhile i get bored and will go to a randow coworkers cubicle and pull out my trusty labeler and go to work. Coffee Cups, pieces of paper, pens, monitors, keyboards, keys on the keyboards…. oh yes i label it all. They do however retaliate in the same fashion… My spacebar has been labeled for almost a year now.

List Of Accomplishments


Things I accomplished at work yesterday:

- Falling asleep at my desk
- Reading 37 pages of “Angels and Demons”
- Creating a Myspace account
- Sitting absolutely motionless for 17 minutes
- Going to the bathroom 8 times

My Dixie Wrecked


I just wrote ‘My Dixie Wrecked’ on a post it note and handed it to an intern. Then I had him go around to all the senior engineers and read it out loud. They all stared at him like he was going to molest a bear.

For those of you who are slow My Dixie Wrecked = My dick’s erect.

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