To the 2 co-workers in their 50’s


Why do you 2 always do non work related matters at the office, and being loud about it? Yeah. You know, those 401k, hsa, stock purchase things, it is very annoying to have to listen to those conversations.
Also, if you trash talk your wife one more time, and this other person sides with you, i am going tell you two to stop.
If you feel like baby sitting this individual through every god damn email, be my guest.
I will not.
If you dont like him getting handsy but wont tell him or stop him, Read the rest of this entry »

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Il capo ha ricevuto l’azienda fondata dal padre. Due mondi opposti, lui (il fondatore) parla a voce bassa ma ha carisma, é serio, il figlio invece parla sempre ad alta voce per darsi un tono e convincere gli altri che é forte e l’azienda con lui a capo é forte, in realtà cerca di autoconvincersi di questa cosa. Ansia da prestazione + cocaina un mix eccellente…
La donna invece, una troia assatanata di soldi che li spende poco, la conservazione del danaro é il suo principale obbiettivo Read the rest of this entry »

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There is no god at sprouts farmers market


It has been almost a year since I’ve left that place. I normally get over places or people that did me wrong. This place gives no communication to their workers on what they want done. I walk in there because some of my friends loves sprouts. So I go along dragging my feet. I gave the honest shot to try to get over it.
I realize the problem with that is my moral beliefs. That place treats everyone like shit. It took a better job to realize that. I get so negative about that place because I kn Read the rest of this entry »

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Never trust an owner of a small business


My dick of a boss sold our company after we worked there for 15 to 25 years helping him make it a success. One day he just says, I’ve sold you to someone out of state, be glad it wasn’t India! We’re a small company of about 25 people and everyone there made that company what it was, we all stayed through thick and thin and all we got was don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass. You’re probably thinking, well be glad you all have a job still. But most of us don’t, the other company th Read the rest of this entry »

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I farted on her lunch


I am so tired of the hag at work bossing me around so when she went to get a soda and left her lunch on her desk I farted on it.

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Old bitches who wont retire


You been here 34 years and all you do is crab and bitch all day long why dont you get your old ass out of the way so some young person with a family can get a job you old fartknocker.

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Is it really too much to ask that I have a co-worker who talks about SOMETHING other than herself? I mean, it’s been 6.5 years and she has yet to engage in a conversation that’s not about herself? It sounds like a wild exaggeration. I wouldn’t have said it was possible.

I am so sick of it, so fucking sick of it.

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Buckpassing pieces of s**t


You know it’s garbage. You know you’re running away from it. You know there’s nothing I can do to make it right. But you Frisbee it at me and run with a cheery, "Do what you can."

OK. I will. But don’t be too surprised if I hate you with ever fiber of my being, you buckpassing assholes.

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Imagine THAT


So you like to think you’re a supervisor because you’ve never worked anywhere but here.

Which means: you take for yourself all the work that would be enjoyable or which was submitted by pleasant people.

And you live the repulsive people and the boring work to me.

I’d like to think I’m accruing great karma for enduring all this but the fact is that I hate you so much, and I dwell on it so much, that I’m just becoming more and more bitter.

No matter how petty I think it’s possi Read the rest of this entry »

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One good thing about working with you so long


I don’t have to be surprised anymore when you claim every single day around a holiday as a day off. Of COURSE you do. You’ve done it every year I’ve been here and you’re doing it again.

I used to feel that something really shitty was happening to me when you did that, because you’ve worked here since time began and you plan half a year in advance so you can maximize your time out of the office, but what I discovered as it happened over and over again, is that when you’re not here, th Read the rest of this entry »

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