Today at work…


So far today someone’s been sacked cause the manager down stairs is in a bad mood… I’ve been asked it give someone a blow job because it’s their birthday. Apparently DPA rules don’t count if they’re only sort of broken and my team have had an in depth discussion about how all women are actually prostitutes and if someone buys a woman something then they are owed sex… it’s only 11…

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It’s 2014 …


… and you are blithely unaware that you need to tell me the location of the file on the network.

How does it happen that you’ve been maintained in a state of unbelievable idiocy for the 28+ years you’ve worked here and gotten away with it all that time?

I believe I can answer that! You’re the supervisor of my "group" and nobody is EVER going to confront you about anything!

You’re a dolt, we all know it and we’re FAR more invested in serving our time and collecting o Read the rest of this entry »

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Disgusting Boss


Someone caught my boss washing his underwear in the kitchen sink!

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So I finally did it.


After a long long time I decided to move jobs. I hope the mentally scared women at work don’t cry too hard. Crazy fucking slags!

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Hit Me Up In A Decade.


Today, at the grocery store I work at I had a little boy come up to my register and tell me with a smirk: "I forgot my candy… & your number." On the back of his receipt, I wrote: "Ur Gonna Be A Heart Breaker." He told me, "I can’t read or count yet, but when I can I’mma call you." So cute!

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mallu kutty


once upon time there was a king….his name was padi thurain…
twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are…

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Feelin’ groovy…


I resigned several months back and all I hear from my former coworkers, the good ones, is that things have only gotten worse.

Still out of work, but hearing the horror stories assures me that I did the right thing.

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Daily Haiku for the work place:

Surrounded by walls
No windows, no light, no love
I’m trapped in a cube

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DUI, Coming Up


The only thought in my mind this morning when I got in my car to go to work was: ‘My god, I can’t believe I’m getting ready to operate a motor vehicle.’ I am so hung over.

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Click, clack the keyboard
sounds. Squeak, squeak, squeak the chair creaks.
Offices sounds surround.

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