Oggi era semplicemente fantastica.
Elegante, sinuosa….
A volte in quei fugaci momenti che ci ritagliamo nelle brevi pause, le nostre dita, le ns braccia si sfiorano ed è una cosa molto piacevole.

A volte quando la guardo inconsapevolmente non l’ascolto
la mente pensa a:
la vorrei adorare, toccare i capelli, sentire il suo profumo, darle un bacio sul collo….

Chiss√† lei che pensa di me…

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Everyone Knows


So, dating amongst co-workers in my office is strictly forbidden. I work with a kid who told me he was nailing a co-worker a couple of months ago, but not to tell anyone. Since then, I have not said a word to anyone, but EVERYONE knows, except for my boss. Everyone…even a temp that has been here for like 2 weeks. They are retarded.

Smelly Turn On


I’ve jacked off in the work restroom so often that I get a chubby just from the smell of shit.

This is awkward cuz I fart a lot and wear tight pants.

The Sexy Slob


There is a guy that I work with who constantly picks his nose, scratches his balls, spits loogies in his trash can, basically your all around disgusting kind of guy. So tell me, why do I want to take him into the supply closet and fuck the shit out of him?

Bum Jerk


Ew… some people caught a bum jerking off on our back steps!!!

Thankfully, I didn’t get to see it

Soiled Hands


I used to work at a very well known, family-owned tee-shirt/sports apparel store just off campus at the college I attended.

We sold dozens of the hooded sweatshirts with the one big pocket on the front for warming one’s hands. The most popular one with the ladies was the white one.

One day, while all alone in the sweatshirt storage room, I decided that I was bored as shit and what better way is there to pass the time than to rub out a quick one….you know, slap boxing the Read the rest of this entry »

Internal Affair


I hooked up with an intern after work the other day. I was real drunk and not it’s totally awkward around the office.

I’m 7 years older than she is and her dad is my boss. I’ll probably be getting fired any day now.



There’s this really hot guy here at work. He sort of looks like that actor, Michael Clark Duncan-about 6ft 3, 300lbs. We keep sending IM’s about totally inappropriate things. We just decided that we need to hook up. Hope his fiancee doesn’t find out!!!

I’ll Be Dancing With Myself


I get pretty bored at my part time job. The tasks given to me are tedious and easy. One afternoon, I found myself bored and rather aroused. I went to the bathroom and decided to spice up the working day. Needless to say, after a 5 minute trip, I felt a lot better. Now whenever I get bored, I just go to the “bathroom”!

Who’s Gonna Clean Up The Mess?


So I was at work late last night and had to go to the restroom. While on my way to the restroom I heard a knocking sound so I vered off course to another aisle of cubes and happened to see my co-worker Jake bangin the janitor in a cube and DUDE !! It was DUDE!!!

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