My job makes me hate human kind


I originally posted this a an employment review lol…
As a customer service Rep in the Export department of the Woodlands office, you will get little pay for the work you do without much room for raises or advancement.
The Woodlands TX, office is extremely clique-ish, gossipy, unethical, biased, racist, and the Management/ Supervisors are literally borderline mentally challenged.
A lot of gossiping behind the back goes on here, all of the old timers go out of their way to get the young em Read the rest of this entry »

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shitty fucking job


I use to work for a legal services company and I can’t believe the shit that they would do. I was literally told that all of our customers are extremely stupid and I was not to believe anything that they ever said. the "manager" that I worked under basically trained me super fast and expected me to do all of this shit just so he could sit on his ass all day and fuck around. The office was always in extreme disarray, fast food containers everywhere and absolutely no organization. th Read the rest of this entry »

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well well whatever

Im so sick here. I dont want to think of anything. Just do what I am supposed to do..’diligently’ I would say to leave a good mark.

Totally disappointed.

And when I get home, dilligently redo up my resume, take photos, come up with a good resume, submit them, and hope someone will take me in. Im leaving this company and i hope it will be asap.

Leave in a good mark, for the world is so the best i it for myself and mum..ganbatte.

I have enoug Read the rest of this entry »

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Waxy Situation


Just last week I went to my fairly hot coworker’s office because she was helping me with this problem I had. My inner-ear was itching a lot the whole day so every couple minutes I would tug at my ear lobe in hopes to alieviate the itching. So I sit down at her desk and borrow a pen from her because I left mine down the hall. While she was explaining something to me, I was sitting there with her pen cap in my ear using it as a Q-Tip. I had no idea I was even using her pen cap that way until a Read the rest of this entry »

Short Circuit


I accidentally spilled water on my officemates laptop and now his computer won’t work. He’s super pissed and he tried to get me in trouble with our boss. What a dick.

Pull Out


So i’ve been working in the same building for about 6 months and parking in the same garage for the same amount of time. There are 2 sets of glass doors connecting the garage walkway and the building. I notice a very attractive woman walking toward the doors about the same distance away as i am and being the gentleman that i am i would like to open the door for her. I’m pushing my hardest and cannot get the door open. I then think to swipe my key card thinking that will work. She then walks Read the rest of this entry »

Missed Seats


I keep stats at the local university’s basketball games. Sometimes I find it really difficult to pay attention and I’ll end up missing peoples stats or I’ll give them stats they don’t necessarily deserve in an attempt to balance things.

One game I said a guy who is 5′10″ had 4 blocks. The kid can barely touch the rim.



I purchased bread yesterday to bring to work in order to make sandwiches. I forgot the bread at home. Looks like I’ll be eating spoonfuls of peanut butter and jelly today for lunch.

Tied Together


I work part-time as a house-keeper at a fancy hotel in D.C. Saturday morning I was making my rounds and when I entered one room (they didn’t have the ‘Do not disturb’ sign posted) I found a guy passed out on the floor. His pants were down near his ankles and his shoes were tied together.

I ran out of the room almost laughing to tears. I can only imagine what happened to that guy the night before.

Knock Out


I work in a secured facility and in order to get into any of our doors you have to swipe your name badge in front of this little magnetic card reader. The readers are crappy and delayed. It takes them a while to read your card. In order for the reader to work well you have to stand really close to the door.

The problem is that people coming out of the facility do not need to swipe their cards to exit and there are no windows on the doors.

A day ago I was in a huge rush s Read the rest of this entry »

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