Be careful what you say about others


The woman I work next to….she is the most insensitive human being I have ever come across. I work at a clerks office and we deal with a lot of folks who are in difficult situations…well, she will either make fun of them or make very degrading comments, then on top of that she is rude and mean to them. She will be my supervisor in a few months. :( Last week she made a very ugly comment about a lady who had come in to ask about emergency custody….she had been beaten very badly, both eyes were black and swollen. My soon to be supervisor made a cruel remark about how she didnt feel sorry for her….what goes around comes around….she came in to work today with her face bandaged and eye swollen and bruised from some skin cancer removed. Some people sitting in the waiting area were looking at her and making comments…she got upset…awwww….doesnt feel so good does it bitch?

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“Be careful what you say about others”

  1. On March 13th, 2014 at 9:09 am Jbats Says:

    Karma at work.