Because I Got High


So i used to work with this one guy who we will call john. so john and i worked at the really nice french restuarant and it was a tuesday night so it really slow. now john is what i like to call an alcholic with a capital A. so no reservations are until like 8 so we open a bottle of champagne and start drinking around 6. By 7 we are pretty drunk and just laughing and making jokes. so john is the head waiter and tells me to go ahead and leave because he can handle the only table at 8. so i leave and i figure he will be ok. I come to work the next day and john pulls me aside and tells me what happened after i left at 7. john says he drank another bottle of champagne and smoked a bowl so he was really trashed. so john says next thing he knows there are people standing above him asking if he is ok. He apparently passed out and the 8 o clock reservation was here. so he comes up with this amazing lie that there was a gas leak in the kitchen and they closed down the kitchen and everyone has left except him and he must of passed out because of the gas. i was like wow u are an amazing liar. so that is one of many stories about the infamous john.

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