Big Red


Has bright red hair and was over-weight, so we called her "Big Red." She got fired. So there is justice.

"Captain Morgan" you ain’t the leader. When you sweat at the club from dancing you smell like garlic. You were supposed to be my confidant, and tell me when my makeup looked a mess and you didn’t. Shady ass-bitch. Then you have the audacity to text me if you can use me as a reference ater not hearing anything from you over the holidays or the course of the year as soon as you meet your ugly boyfriend. Please, sit down and shut up. I’m not doing no more favors for you.

"Jagged-toothed Tammy" and "Fat-Joe" suck my dick and choke on it. You don’t heal anybody. You just take money and run with it. I hope you never open up a second practice because I’ll do everything in my power to give it bad reviews. Your business is a joke. You hired two doctor’s and then suddenly they’re gone, but kept their pictures on Facebook. What happened to the other staff members but forever immortalized in the photos. Clearly you didn’t offer up anything to begin with so of course they left. You drive shitty cars for someone whose a "doctor" loosely termed. My car is better and I’m not even half your age. I wonder how that came to be? Mommy and daddy? No sir all on my own.

I swear some white people make a bad name for other white people.

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