Bitch is Crazy


This bitch I work with is cray cray. I can’t tell if she’s psychotic, bipolar or mentally ill. What’s even worse is she’s over 50 (WTF). All within the blink of an eye she goes between being nice to completely ignoring you and telling you to mind your own business (even though you work with her) just for inquiring how she is doing. Did she not learn how to play nice in kindergarten?
She must know someone in HR or some position of authority as she has had many complaints about her (she stares at people she likes, doesn’t like, or maybe just has some kind of problem) as well as her attitude. My place of employment has a high turnover rate and people less crazy then her have lost their jobs over less so what gives? I am going to sound like a horrible person for saying this but ‘HOW CAN I GET THE BITCH FIRED?’

She is making me hate my job.

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