Cardboard Cheese


Dwight (what I call him) is 6′4″. One day, we got something in a HUGE cardboard box. Of course, once emptied, Dwight climbed inside of it. After watching him bounce around the office running into the walls and desks, I cut a slit so he could see out and arm holes. The box went all the way to his feet. (Please keep in mind I am a bit of an instigator) I got a black magic marker and told him I was writing Merry Christmas on the box, but instead, I wrote some rather tacky messages. Then, I asked him to go buy me lunch wearing the box. He was happy to oblige. We all watched from the window as everyone in the financial district stopped to watch the HUGE box walking down the street. He returned to the office bragging that the restaurant gave him a free piece of pizza. The story doesn’t end there. He hid the box because he wanted to surprise the CEO with it, however in the meanwhile, the janitor filled it with trash and took it out to the street (where it was raining). An hour later Dwight realized what had happened, ran outside retrieved the box, emptied it out, dirty band aids and all and put the damp, smelly, cardboard box back on and danced around the office for the CEO.

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