Crazy-Depressed Opportunistic Whackjob Woman


Jesus Christ.

Like a f’ing hurricane at work every day. I find solace here just venting about it lol! She’s one of those women that finds pleasure in making others miserable.

Fortunately she can’t do that to me because I’m pretty happy-go-lucky in any circumstance. I know how to ADAPT… plus I’m a great actor, ha ha.

This crazy lunatic comes in every day with a new ‘problem’. She’s going through a divorce and even her divorce lawyer bailed on her! Problem after problem after problem. The woman doesn’t even know how to take care of herself. Runs out of oil in her car, personal call after personal call. I felt like I was going through the divorce!

Thankfully a savior/angel in the office said something to management and told her to take personal calls outside. What does she do now? Prefaces everything now with "I’m not supposed to talk about personal stuff… " then vomits like usual about something I could really care less about.

This women needs a 101 class in professionalism and a 501 class in personal life management!

Please keep your personal life personal.

Thank you for listening.


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