Crazy Officemate


She is a nutjob. We work in the admin department, yet you’d think we work to make her life easier. Reports late from the manager? "Hellooo! This is your BFF! Where is your report?" or "I want to be on my boat. You need to get me your stuff early." Think you’re on good terms? Think again. That bus has backed up several times.

Noisy bracelets clack clack all day. Think it’s work she’s doing? NO! She’s running her side business. "I’m a NAME OF SIDE JOB.", "I do graphics!", "Oh who did this work last? This was acceptable? Who approved this?"… all from someone who knows nothing about our industry yet she can tell you what is wrong in a snap. "I didn’t know I’d get this job. I just put my resume out as a lark." "I was brought in to bring action [pronounced actttt-shuuunnnn]."

The worst part is she is a bigot. Nasty racist comments. Wanna complain? No joy, her office BFF is in payroll and she’s even more unpleasant. Stepford housewife with a I Smell Garbage look on her face. Thirty minute lunch policy? - nah, these gals take at least an hour. Office chats minimum 6 times a day. Both sneaky and nasty. But boy can those voices hit helium Chipmunk peaks. Bigots, liars, side job, bus rolling. Vroom!!

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“Crazy Officemate”

  1. On September 29th, 2011 at 8:14 pm Suffer In Silence Says:


  2. On August 15th, 2012 at 10:36 am Am I The Only Sane Person I know? Says:

    Girl, I feel your pain. I have a crazy coworker too. She’s about to drive me nuts. I am married & share an office with another married chick, execpt she also has a boyfriend on the side. What’s worse is she’s very active in her church & teaches Sunday School to young teenaged girls, while she lives a double life. I watch her text her boyfriend all day, and look up poems on the internet about secret lovers, while I work. She never gets anything accomplished, I don’t know how she keeps her job. And excuses? She has an excuse for EVERYTHING! She’s always getting a “bad headache” every other day just so she can leave early. She once used her son for an excuse to leave. Then he called work looking for her & we told him she went home an hour ago to check on him because of his headache. He said he didn’t have a headache, and he hasn’t seen her……….hmmmmmmm……. She’s pathetic, lazy, & selfish, & I just might choke her before it’s all over with!