Down A Notch


This is a story from a few years ago, but MUST BE TOLD!!

I used to work in a shop with a bunch of guys. There was one guy in particular that a real moron!! He got his job cause he was friends with someone high up in the company… you know how it goes.

On top of being completely incompotent this guy has a HUGE MOUTH and though he was mr. cool. I got into it with him a few times and he ended up looking like a real ass in front of the rest of the guys, who also knew the deal him.

Finnaly the day came that an office job opened up upstairs and he jumped at it. To make matters worse he would still gloat and run his mouth. Finnaly a couple other guys from downstairs got an idea. We ordered him 2 dozen daisy’s and a little white teddy bear with a rainbow shirt for secratarys day and had it delivered to him in the office.

We knew the package had arrived cause we could hear the girls upstairs laughing thie arses off!! Even the partners of the company laughed. He is still an asshole, but we did knock him down a knotch that day!!!

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“Down A Notch”

  1. On April 22nd, 2014 at 12:17 pm Happy Says:

    I just made my first roast chicken and I peeeld all the skin off the thing and ate it Hannibal Lecter style baby! I shall never have to get my Mom to buy me a roasted organic chicken from Costco ever again. Thank you Cool Cook Style!