Employee of the Month


So you all know that one fat slob in the office who does nothing? How is it that this guy has managed to not get fired… even after 2 years? He’s got one of messiest cubicles, plays crappy music waaay too loud (and often causes intense feedback because he’s too damn lazy to turn off or at least turn down the speakers when he unplugs his ipod), and creates the most incorrect and flawed work in the entire company. Yet when anybody complains to him about management about him, it always gets turned around on whomever’s complaining… as if it’s our responsibility to babysit him and make him act correctly.
The real kicker though, is that this guy has somehow managed to not get fired (even though management had no problem firing some of the best and most efficient employees in the company), and he’s even managed to get “Employee Of The Month”… on more than one occasion!!! Seriously… what the fuck is going on here???!!!

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