I work with this retard who is a micro-managing church boy. His name, Ned Flanders. That is what I have called him since I started this place. I swear to that if I hear these bullshit project management terms, I’m going to scream. What the hell does “level set” mean anyway? This week Ned is on vacation in trailor trashville. I’m loving life. Last week Ned is sneaky and comes sneaking up behind my cube when I am trying to do what I do best at work as an AOL instant messenger protocol engineer, fancy job name for something so knowing :) Anyway, he is sneaky and a dork. When he asks you to do something, he makes it all sound important where it is only like a five second thing to do. Anyway, I wish you guys luck with people like this. Oh yeah, this is pretty funny, he bought a motorcycle recently that was a fast bike and crashed it on a side of a mountain the first few weeks he got it. He was wearing a arm sling like a dork for a year, but never broke anything. What a moron! That was his first and last time riding a motorcycle.HAHA

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