Gus on the Bus


I used to work for a large pizza company that had a penchant for hiring felons and all-around retards.

One time my manager hired a dude named Gus. Gus was a freestyle rapper that looked like a broke-ass Eminem. He used to constantly freestyle at the make table. He would rap about the dumbest shit, making pizzas and stuff. “Gus is in here to get things shakin, cookin up pies with Canadian Bacon”

He had a tattoo on his neck that said “TRACEY.” We all assumed it was a dude and calling him queer. He was always trying to get us to come down to some junky-ass building to battle. I assumed it would be so he would have someone he could beat, as he once told the story of getting beat by a teenage girl in the battle. You see Gus was a brokeass dude that didn’t have a car. He rode the bus. Yes, a white freestyle rapper named Gus who rides the bus. He was fired when his baby’s momma came up to work and flipped shit in the lobby because he was cheating on her.

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