I did my job, talk to your fellow supervisor


Today a customer calls up with an array of problems that took her 20 mins to go through each one. So being the good little worker I am, I listen, make notes and start thinking of ways to make the customer happy. I organize with a sister company free delivery (going above and beyond on customer service) to ensure that they continue shopping with us. Keeping her happy now meant we’d also avoid a potential law suit on one of her other problems. I also do a refund of particar goods which was more expensive than normal, so I got approval from a supervisor. As I’m walking out the door to go home, another supervisor comes along and starts laying in to me about the large amount. The other supervisor says that they gave permission, she ignores it and continues berating me. Had I have not asked for permission ahead of time, by all means to ahead… The moment you heard I had gotten permission from a person of the same level as you, the conversation between us should have stopped and your attention given to your equal that said it was ok.

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