Insanity overload


So there’s this woman I work with who is EXTREMELY psychotic.

I’ve been an employee at my office for 7+ years and I think I do a pretty decent job with my position. It’s definitely NOT rocket science but each case is different so a manual isn’t too efficient.

Anyway this woman I work with is separate from the others, and I got conflicting information about what I should or shouldn’t do for her. I sent an e-mail to my supervisor to clarify the details and I’d cc’d the woman.

Well she called me into her office and flew into a complete and utter rage. She screamed at me for a good 10 minutes and if you’ve never seen someone foam at the mouth…literally…trust me…you don’t want to…

She basically ranted and raved about how I should be thanking HER for all the breaks she’s given me already, even though I wasn’t actually complaining about the work. I was just VERIFYING and as I kept repeating to her, I had every right to do that. I also kept telling her she didn’t need to raise her voice, but that seemed to make her angrier.

She had me in tears and I know crying at work is probably the worst thing you can do, but I’m very sensitive and timid so it’s not hard for me to breakdown.

anyway after she finished her screaming session I went to my supervisor, who basically stood up for her saying she’s "under stress". Well so am I but you don’t see me screaming at another coworker in such a fashion. I had left early that day and it feels like I’ve been walking on egg shells everyday since.

If I have to communicate with her at all she only asks that it be through e-mail or IM or that I deliver all correspondence to her mailbin instead of her office. Then she keeps slamming me with more and more work to the point where I can’t get caught up. I’m always behind, always stressed, always angry, and getting really bitter towards life.

I am looking for a new job because I hate hate HATE the clientele where I work. Everyone is miserable and hateful and angry and that is NOT who I am as a person. I feel like it’s making me the same way.

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