It’s a new world record….


My whackjob coworker outdid herself and has coughed, hacked, snorted and wheezed up phlegm 153 times today. I don’t know if that’s a world record but I’d say it’s close. This is also the person who picks her face until it’s sore, talks loud enough to be heard three blocks away, and checks out the tissue after she blows her nose, (those are boogers, you idiot. Diamonds didn’t fall out of your head). She sounds and smells like a dying mule.

I have come to the conclusion that 1. she is a passive-aggressive @sshat who can’t control her psychotic nervous tics, 2. she doesn’t give a day-um how much she annoys people, and 3. she has the f*ckin’ bubonic plague!

I’ve dealt with this twit for four months now, and I’m beginning to understand how people lose their sh*t and shoot up an office. When I finally snap, I’m coming after you first, Snotwad.

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