Knocked Up


I just started a new job this past Monday. Not at all a bad job, so far. Some of the people around me are a little…odd. 5 Girls in the office are currently pregnant. They are the Pregos. One of these girls refers to herself as ‘Knocked Up’-I swear. She told me that my first day. “I’m really going to be gaining weight now, I’m knocked up!” she said. “Well then, I guess congratulations are in order!” I said. Indeed. They had been ‘trying’ for awhile to get…knocked up. I was told not to discuss any medical conditions in detail at work, Hipaa law, duh. However, I get to hear ALL about PREGGO and everything to do with pregnancy from 7weeks to 8months in the gestation cycle. The dress code, also, does not apply to the Preggos. Even the one who is just 7weeks along. Honey, let me tell you-at 7weeks, you aren’t SHOWING yet, you are just FAT. 8mos preggo waddles into work over 2 hours late-when called, she was WOKE UP. Oh shit, you mean I still have to report to work on time? Even if I’m…Knocked Up?

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