I have no idea why my boss has a soft spot for her but then she is really lazy. First, her workload is not even half of mine second, she pushes task for others to do. She surf on the internet most of the hours at work and maybe really work for an hour. She talks on the phone dealing with her personal issues all the time. She even calls her friends and chat on the phone while she’s working. She is not reliable since a coworker pointed out that they no longer assign anything for her to do because she wait for days to complete something that takes 5 mins to do.

She takes off work a lot due to other job opportunities and leading others to do her tasks. I’m not even trained properly and i have to do her stuff. During the hours where she was suppose to train me, she end up talking on the phone dealing with her personal issues and texting back and forth. She should be fired just because of that. She asks my boss to leave work early because she needs to get ready to attend to some party.

It’s extremely unfair to me. My workload is crazy and I am behind because there’s way to much to complete. On the other hand, she has barely anything to do but, she give me things to do, and tells my boss that she has too much to handle. I do feel really bad for myself because since day 1 I started working here, I was doing all her stuff but I didn’t know. Most of all, I feel bad for my boss! Keeping someone who’s not sufficient and productive in the office is a waste of money and time. Should hire someone who at least "work" at work. She should be fired long ago! Also, we only have 30 mins for lunch but she always take at least an hour. When my boss is not here, she leaves more than an hour and comes back to work with bags of stuff she bought. So, she went shopping during work. Crazy!

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