Lazy People that Gossip Should be Fired!


I work with a group of women who complain everyday that they are busy. (I’m a woman too, but I sit at my desk most of the time minding my own business, until lately) What are they busy about… Well when they go off and chit chat for an hour at a time and make up lies about people when they are suppose to be working, they spend the rest of the day IMing each other about the coworkers they hate, and they send me work to do because they do not have time to do it and they talk about how inefficient I am? WTF. Look in the mirror. I accidentally came around the corner to deliver some documents not knowing I was going to run into them and before I knew it they accidentally blurted out that I was sleeping with one of the managers!!!! I am friends with a guy at work, but there is no way anything going on. I am married with kids, and very happily I must ad. 20 plus years and couldn’t be happier. Was I pissed! I hate the saying that Perception is Reality, because it’s not! They are out to ruin my marriage and I did nothing to these people. I don’t even go to lunch or break with anyone, I go by myself!!!

Did I mention that I am hourly and they are salaried people, which if they were actually working as much as they are suppose to that would be fine. They take twice as long of lunches as they are legally allowed, doesn’t matter if you are salaried or not, you are still expected to work the complete 40 hours a week. You are allowed extra time if you work longer for some reason or another, but that never happens and they do not do any work from home. So that’s not an excuse either. they are just screwing with the system and they would only need 5 or them if they all worked instead of the 10 of them. I spoke my mind and now none of them are talking to me. My kids are more mature then they are. Mgmt can’t seem to see what is going on here and they don’t care.

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“Lazy People that Gossip Should be Fired!”

  1. On September 28th, 2013 at 12:55 pm ahole Says:

    i hate the lazy S O B at my job ,he comes in late ,gets high, and sits on his boney ass playing with his phone.i wish i could put my foot up his ass.