My Boss Sucks at English


Dear Mr Feather,

I just wanted to let you know that I was able to get you all 8 of your Alox Swiss Army Money Clips! They should be leaving my main office in about 2-3 days tops. At that point it should take about 7-10 busniess days to reach you in Tennisee. However, it is generally a lot quicker though.

Your total on your card was $279.92 I did charge you $25.50 per knife and there was no charge for shipping or tax! You made out! I am sure that the Alox silver Swiss Army Money clips will be a huge sucess, and I look forward to hearing form you soon.

Also I am sending out your receipt out and your knives should be along in a few days. Thank you again, and feel free to use the coupon that I sent you as many times you would like within 30 days on our sight!

I work in a knife store…this was an email my boss sent to a customer…would you continue to buy stuff from a company that horribly misspells your the name of your state, or thinks “website” is spelled “websight?” Not to mention corresponding with a client using horrible grammar. One time she left a note telling a co-worker and I to fill the “wholes” in a sunglass display. When confronted she thought we were joking. She left 2 subsequent notes with “wholes” or “whole” in place of “hole.” She had lectured us about leaving display cases locked, so she would unlock them all the time. This led to over $6,000 dollars in product being stolen. She also tried to falsify hours on her time card, and was probably stealing stuff. This girl is some kind of winner.

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