My colleague was a bully to me today … but I won


Out of the blue my colleague starts blaming me because the boss has made me the main point of contact instead of him; What the fuck??!!! I don’t get paid any more than him for this, and he bullies me with this mindless shit about me texting the boss a lot.
This guy doesn’t have a mobile phone ’cause lost it and failed to replace it, and he hasn’t given our boss his home number, and then complains he’s not been made point of contact!!!
Truly, he doesn’t give a fuck about not being made the main contact, he just wanted someone to take his stress out on.
He didn’t have a leg to stand on. He’s openly said many times that he doesn’t want to talk to the boss, that he’s a strange bloke (he’s not) and that he wouldn’t want ‘to get on his bad side’. Well, maybe if he didn’t behave badly in the workplace, standing around talking too long, wasting time bitching and moaning, he wouldn’t BE in this mess!! Does he honestly think our boss hasn’t picked up on all this behaviour?? That he hasn’t had enough of the unreliable behaviour??
If I can take anything positive away from this, it’s the fact I managed to contact my boss before this guy got home, and the boss was 100% on my side! He was clearly with this colleague for taking out the childish nonsense on me, (jokingly) saying I should "punch him in the face"! LOL X-D
He even texted me afterwards saying:
"You’re doing a great job, always remember that." :-))))))

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