Nice Thongs


Last week I was working late (as always) and the only other people in the office were me, my boss and one of the VPs. I clearly put on my flipflops as soon as 5:29 rolled around as did another coworker. Around 9pm my boss comes to talk to me and makes the comment “I see you and Sally are wearing your thongs today.” As my face starts turning red, I’m thinking how to responding to this, and can’t think of anything but the fact that I know my friend and coworker doesn’t wear thongs. I guess my boss sensed my confusion, figured out why my face was red, and started stuttering saying he was talking about our shoes.

At that point I gave him a whole lesson on the difference between Adidas and Rainbow sandals to avoid any more awkwardness. I guess there’s a big miscommunication due to an 18 year age difference.

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