Please Retire


Look, I know you are 30 days away from being 71. I have spent the most part of the last 15 years enjoying working with you. But please get up off your ass and just retire….PLEASE. You don’t want to be here, your don’t give a shit attitude is wearing thin on me and your mistakes are growing by the hour. You refuse to learn anything new, you sit and surf the internet while I work myself into a tizzy because there is so much work and no one to do it….you mainly! I don’t want to come over there and open a can of "whoop ass" up on you woman, but please shut the &%#@ up and retire. Go and enjoy what is left of your life and let me settle back into some peace in this crazy freaking job before I get to retire because believe me people, the minute I am eligible to retire, I am outta here and someone else can live in in this hell for a while.

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